Wednesday, July 22, 2015

God's plan > My plan

I have never, in all of my life, considered going on a mission.
People would ask, and I was quick to answer: "No, I don't think its part of my plan." "I think missionary work is amazing! but its not for me..." "NOPE!"

I never once gave thought to serving a mission.

Until I did.

Me and my mom and sister were driving home from my grandpa's funeral, we were still feeling the spirit for the beautiful service. We were having a very deep and spiritual conversation. We had been talking for a couple of hours now, and the car got quiet. My sister turns around and looks at me and says,

"Have you ever considered going on a mission?"

As quick as I could get the words out I told her the usual answer. No. Not in my plan. Not for me.

Right then I realized the key phrase. 'MY PLAN' it wasn't part of MY PLAN.

It felt like the spirit had grabbed my shoulders and was shaking me and saying, "girl, you better re-evaluate your self! This is GOD'S plan, not YOUR plan."

so I did it. I considered a mission. Something I had resisted and brushed off for so long.

And the heavens opened!!! Angels were singing!!


I started to laugh because it was almost hilarious how it all happened. But it happened. And I knew!

"ummmm.... scratch that, I am going on a mission."


At that point it seemed impossible to get where I am today, 21 days until departure to the New Hampshire, Manchester Mission, but as I have been preparing and doing everything in my power to serve my Heavenly Father, everything has fallen into place, and things are working out exactly as GOD intended them. Not me. Not my plan. God's plan.

And I have never been happier in my entire life!