Thursday, August 20, 2015

The MTC/Mission in one sentence: "The hardest thing I have ever loved to do." The Nashville Tribute Band came to the MTC and the choir, which I joined, got to sing with them!! THEY ARE SO AWESOME!!!
I have learned more about myself, about my Savior, and about this gospel, in the last 5 days, than I have in my ENTIRE life. 
My soul has done a total 360 and I already feel like a brand new person.
My third day here was one that has changed me forever and for good. 
It started off as the greatest day yet, we had amazing classes, amazing personal study, amazing food, the works. I was SO HAPPY! I was o excited!! 
And then zone class came, and I felt on top of the world, totally ready for it. 
The few days before this I was cramming gospel doctrine in my brain so fast and hard. I was exhausted but happy. (emphasis on exhausted) 

So we start to practice, and I was trying so hard to teach the discussion to my companion, but I have been having a super hard time trying to get my words out, I always go blank on what I am suppose to say. During that class, my goal was to say everything that was within that pamphlet. 
The Spirit was not diggin that. 
All of a sudden, I started to cry, I was SO frustrated because my companion, and everyone around me is so good at teaching the Gospel and here I am and I can't even get the words out of my mouth. 
I felt like I had ZERO control of my emotions.  This lasted a little while that day, and I was soooo embarrassed because I had no idea why I couldn't speak. 
But the next day, I got my answer.
I was sitting In class doing personal study and I realized, I wasn't doing it right! The Lord didn't give me the gift to recite text. I remembered some of my patriarchal blessing and realized, I need to teach, the way I know how, and that is through the spirit. That is through my investigator, and what THEY need. 
I felt so humbled, and at the same time, so empowered.
I realized my strengths.
I realized my weaknesses.

This place is AMAZING. 

Also, lets chat about my companion. Sister Nash is the greatest blessing I have received here at the MTC. She is so AMAZING!! And she is going to NH with meeee!!!! aaahhh I just love her so much. 
The day after we got here, Sister Nash and I were made ZONE LEADERS! Its the greatest blessing, I have learned so much from it! 

The food here at the MTC is the greatest, but Sis. Nash and I are OBSESSED with their wraps and soup and salad. SO GOOD. 

I now know why everyone says make it to Sunday. 
Through the whole week you are constantly learning how to serve others, which is AMAZING.
Sundays though, they are for you. 
We watched the Character of Christ by Elder David A Bednar. 
It was like getting spiritually punched in the face, but in the BEST way.
This is something that I didn't know, that has for reals changed me. 
While Jesus Christ was on the cross, suffering more than is humanly possible, enduring excruciating pain, he, being the ultimate example of love and service, and always turning outward, while we all turn inward, sent the COMFORTING ANGEL to his friend John the Baptist who was in jail at that time. 
That struck something in me, that I will NEVER forget. 

Out of all the things I have learned, felt,and experienced this week, the ONE thing that I hold most dear to my heart, Is my merciful Redeemer, even Jesus Christ. 

HE IS OUR PURPOSE. To bring others to Christ.

I am so grateful for this experience and everything I am learning, and will continue to learn. 
Love you all!!


Sister Lewis
p.s. for no specific reason I am going to put my MTC address on here. No reason at all...

Sister Rebekah Lewis
2007 N 900 E Unit 82
Provo UT 84602