Monday, October 19, 2015

October 12, 2015

Fact: New England's five main food groups: hot dogs, pizza, orange
soda, vegetables, and dunkin donuts. They are either way super
healthy, or they are way super not. It's very interesting. And about
half the population is vegetarian.

 Wowzer, this week was definitely an adventure! Let's begin with the
most memorable Tuesday of my life.
So, we got a call on say of last week, our zone leaders told us we
were going to transfer meeting and to bring our car because we are
going into a 'car share' with the elders, but to come before the
meeting because it should only take like five minutes because we are
just giving them a ride home. So! We head out Tuesday morning, and we
are driving, it only takes 20 minutes to get to Manchester, but then
20 minutes go by, and according to our GPS we still had quite a ways
to go. We thought it was odd but we kept going, well after 40 minutes
we knew we were definitely wrong so we pulled off and got directions
from a very nice lady, she told us kind of where to go, so we turn
around because we had completely passed it. Some how we missed the
biggest city in New Hampshire haha. So my comp is very stressed out,
and I am laughing because I didn't really know what else to do, and
then we get a call from the man in charge of the 'car share' and he
said "hey so it's actually your car we need to take so if you could
get here asap that would be awesome." By now my comp has had kittens
and I'm frantically trying to get all of our stuff together. We
finally show up an hour and a half later, so they told us to go in and
listen to transfer meeting. We got to hear president Stoker talk,
which helped calm us down, and then we went home! As we were walking
to our apartment, we realized through a series of sighs, moans and
groans, that our house keys are on the car keys!!!! And that car was
on the other side of the state by now. So went to the land lords of
our apartment complex, and they gave us some keys. We get inside our
apartment, and we called the people who have our car, they said, 'how
should we get them to you?' So we said, probably the best way would be
to mail them too us. About 3.2 seconds after we said that, we let out
more sighs and moans and said 'don't mail them, because our mail key
is on that key chain too!'
Awesome right??
So we told them to mail them to the sisters in our area, and maybe
before we are done with our missions we will have those keys! I loved
Tuesday... :)

Good thing that story took so long, sorry!

Oh hey, we were on the crime scene of a murder too! (Don't know if it
was actually murder, we didn't get to stay) it was so crazy!

Nothing much happened this week. Just normal missionary work. :) the
spirit such an awesome teacher. I learn something new every day!
I know that when trails come before us and we are struggling
physically, spiritually, mentally, etc... That the Lord is there to
help us! He is with his people in their afflictions.  (Mosiah
24:14-15) I love the end of that scripture where it says to 'submit
cheerfully and with patience'.

You are all so awesome, and I love you all dearly!!
Have an awesome week!!

Sis. Lewis

Pictures: last pday we went to a corn maze and it was awesome!!
The leaves are coming and it's making me flip out because LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL
awesome New England sunset :)

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