Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 26, 2015

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Fact:   If you see an orange/red/yellow glow coming in your window, it's not fire burning your house down, it's just the AMAZING fall leaves being illuminated by the radiant sun, you should all, most definitely, be jealous. 
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SHOUT OUT to my awesome Mission President, President Stoker for being one of the GREATEST people to ever live. 
We had Zone Interviews on Thursday, it was my first one, and everything about it was very much needed. We have a new mission goal, to get all of our less actives and recent converts to the temple, because baptism is the gateway! God wants them to make it eternal. Family History is huge out here too so we are really trying to get that out there to people, and it is working! Spirit of Elijah man... its REAL.
There is a city in NH named Weare, pronounced like the word 'where', and its super boony. Us and the Elders in this area are in a car share, so on Wednesday we had a 'Weare Wednesday".  We were so pumped, and then we got there, and literally EVERYTHING fell through. But the best part that really topped of the day was when this lady was screaming at the elders and then saw us with them and she started screaming at us and telling us we dont know how to read and we are illiterate(what?) and that she doesn't want to be saved and that everyone has guns out here and we could get shot at any moment, and she was super disgusted that we had the nerve to talk to her. haha well, we tried to explain why we do what we do and she was so appalled that we were still trying to talk to her, she almost called the cops! It was super pointless, all we could do was pray for her in our hearts and get the heck outta there!! 
so that was cool....
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So I guess you could say 'Weare Wednesday" was a success. haha
The rest of the week was pretty good, our investigator Katherine is gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon which is so AWESOME! The Spirit was so strong when she was telling us about her praying and pondering. She says it's so obvious that no mortal man could ever write a book like that from his own knowledge and in the time that he did. SHE IS SO RIGHT. The Book of Mormon is God's word, and it makes me so happy when the Spirit guides others to that knowledge as well. 

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Yesterday I got a little taste of home when this cute little snake just came a slithering up to me, I named him Malvolio, like from Shakespeare, he was way sassy though, so we left.  

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I am wicked excited for this coming week, because we are having a trunk or treat in our ward, and I am a missionary, and lots of people think we are starving all the time (which is usually true) so they give us all their left over food from ward parties! tender mercies man.... 
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I hope everyone has a totally awesome week!! 

Halloween joke: 
What kind of music do mummies listen to most?
Wrap music

Sister Lewis

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