Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 3, 2015

November 3, 2015

Fact: the roads here were built in like the 1800's so they are super
small. So in the 1900's they just threw down granite cement, so all the
roads are like spaghetti, and there's no blocks or squares or sense of
direction. There is enough room for about one car, so when two are
coming and going with other cars parked on the 'side' of the road, it
feels like a video game but instead of having three lives you only
have one. Haha it definitely keeps you awake and aware!

So on Wednesday me and my comp were out trying to find people to
teach, as we were walking we came upon one of the numerous hills that
populate New England. We saw that a woman was trying to get up the
steep climb in a wheelchair, so instinctively my companion and I both
looked at each other and whipped into service missionary mode. We ran
up to her and I grabbed her wheelchair and said 'mind if we give you a
boost?' And she thanked us and we got to the top and we started to
talk to her, she saw who we were, spouted profanities, and then we
left. As we came up to the house we were going too next, I look down
at my skirt and saw some of the vilest creatures that spread like the
Black Plague in New England, all over my skirt. BED BUGS. I just about
ripped all my clothes off right then and there! But my good judgment
stopped me in the act, I brushed them off with ninja like strikes
to my skirt, and prayed that the Lord would take care of the rest. My
dearest comp just laughed and said "that's what you get for doing a
good deed!" Thankfully I am clear and free of Satan's insects. Now I
know to never do a nice thing for anyone ever again. ;) just kidding!!

Besides my wheelchair-lady-bed-bug-extravaganza, this last week was a
bit of a dud, but we worked hard, and did all we could. These kinds of weeks
 happen, we just have to remember who is in charge, and to work harder next time.. 
EVER!! So 2 weeks ago a nice lady called us and said she is from the
Jewish church and they are having a religion night and they wanted us
Mormon missionaries (along with the elders in our area) to come and
tell them about our religion. So we agreed, but then about Sunday we
realized, 'what the heck have we done!?' And all day Monday we were so
nervous because we had no idea what to expect, so we drive up and park
outside the church and we are all just about to pass out on the ground
because, you know, Jews, what do we even talk about!? So we prayed
real hard, and went in. The lady was SO nice and the teenagers we were
teaching were SO chill! They gave us a tour of their synagogue, and
they told us about their Arch and the Torah and a lot of really awesome
stuff. Then we went into the classroom, and there was only about 7
kids and a teacher, and we were able to answer a lot of questions and
teach them about the restoration and our church history and core
beliefs. They were very interested! It was so cool!! They loved
learning about Joseph Smith and the Angel Moroni and Thomas S. Monson.
It was very difficult to teach all these things and not testify haha.
But of course being representatives of Jesus Christ, we did. Just very
gently. :)
The teacher lady asked us to share about how our religion is strictly
an American religion, 'as American a religion as you can get' and so
we had to kindly burst her bubble about that one but it was soooo
awesome and they loved it! And especially everything about missionary
work, they are brilliant kids who work really hard. They have to learn
Hebrew! They are really awesome. I feel really blessed to have gotten
to know them and had that experience. SO AWESOME!!
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Today we had the opportunity to go to the Boston Massachusetts Temple.
That is officially my favorite temple. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! I
feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten the chance to go. The temple
is surly the house of the Lord.
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We got to meet the temple president and his wife, it's President and
Sister Wheelright, it was their first day today as temple president
and matron! They bought me and sister Farrally lunch, they are so
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Now that the leaves are starting to loose their color, they are also
loosing their strength against the wind, and who better than
a bunch of missionaries to clean that mess up! Its so fun, I love
raking! There were a lot of worms and stuff, so why in the world
would I not take a picture with them?? :) 
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I hope you all have a phenomenal week, Read your scriptures
and say your prayers!!! Bear you testimony often, even if its just
on a piece of paper. (you can even send that paper to me if you 
want, I would love to hear your testimonies. :) 


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