Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Fact: The Capitol of New Hampshire is Concord, and the state house has
a gold dome on it. That means a president of the United States is from
here! Also, people running for president, like Trump and Hilary
Clinton and Bernie, are always coming to Concord to win new England's
hearts. If I could vote I would vote for Donny Osmond to be president.
Good thing I can't vote on my mish, am I right? haha

This week we saw a full-blown miracle fest that took place in many
different miracles, making one giant miracle party! It totally rocked
my socks off!!
Lets begin at the beginning.

MIRACLE:    Saturday was Zone Conference with a member of the seventy!
Not only a member of the seventy but also the head director of
missionary work for the church! It's Elder Nielson, the one who talked
in general Conference last April about his sister that was inactive
for several years and after lots of love and caring, came back! That's
him! It was so awesome to learn from him for 6 hours. My brain
exploded like 20 times that day! He focused on the atonement, and went
into detail on how we can apply the redeeming and enabling power of
the atonement in our lives.  He said: "It's through the redeeming
power that we are saved, and it's through the enabling power that we
are changed."
He said a million other things that were amazing, but I just can't fit
it all on here, so just know that he and his wife are AWESOME!!
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MIRACLE:    So yesterday was Sunday.
I love Sunday's.
Best day of the week BY FAR.
So all day me and Sister Farrally kept thinking about Jo and Debbie
our investigators, so we went to their house and we were just talking
to them, seeing how things are going, and Jo informs us that his uncle
just passed away this last week. Now, I am not being insensitive, a
loved one passing away is hard. But that is the best thing a
missionary can hear because BAM! Plan of Salvation! We were able to
share the message that he isn't gone and that we can be with our
families forever, and he and Debbie were very interested! So we set up
a return appointment, and went on our way.

MIRACLE:    We then had dinner at the Franklin's (coolest family ever)
they are always helping us missionaries and feeding us. They have a
pet rat that scared the day lights outta me, but then I petted it and
our souls connected and now I love the little guy. :)

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MIRACLE:    We were walking home, and we had a crazy intense
impression to go contact a referral that we got from someone in the
the other ward. It's like 8:00pm so we were nervous because the sun is
down at 5:00pm here and New Englanders are asleep by 5:30pm, but we
went because we could not deny it! We go to the address, couldn't
figure out which one he lived in (there is like 7 apartments in one
normal house) almost gave up, but we found a doorbell and rang it,
praying our guts out that he would answer, and he did!! We introduced
ourselves, talked a little, and then he said, "I want to be a follower
of Mormonism, can I be baptized? I want to get baptized. I think
Mormonism is the path God wants me to take."
WHAT!? Is this really happening???
My companion just stood there so stunned, and I'm over here smiling
and laughing saying "yeah!! Totally!!" Haha we asked if he wants to
take the lessons and he said " is that how I become a Mormon? Then
yes, how about tomorrow?"

God knows exactly what he is doing, even, and especially when, we don't.
I know that miracles happen! Every single day! We just need to open
our eyes to them.

John 6:3-14 is the story of the loaves and fishes. Jesus see's 5,000
coming to hear his word. The apostles said there wasn't enough food to
feed them, but Jesus made it possible for everyone have some. At the
end of the story, Jesus asks his apostles go go and gather up what was
left of the food after everyone had eaten their fill. The apostles had
gathered up twelve baskets of left overs. Why was that included in the
His grace is sufficient.
We come to him, we need his words, we do all we can, and He WILL make
up the difference. So much so, that there will be left overs. He NEVER
runs out of grace and mercy. We do our part, and He will do the rest.

Love you all!
Sister Lewis

-exchanges with Sister Harper. *New England translation: Sista Hahpuh
-The Sky at the Joseph Smith Memorial, That is where zone conference was.
-See that black picture there? that was what the sky and streets looked like at 5:12 in the evening.... The dark days have begun....

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