Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Thankful for Wool Socks!

Its very cold. 
I am nicknamed 'Desert Flower' in my ward because everyone is wearing sweaters and long sleeve shirts and I show up in 3 coats, 2 shirts, thick skirts and boots. 
New England winter: challenge accepted. 

Transfer calls were on Saturday!! 
We had a movie night set up for Saturday evening and the whole time we were all (us and two other sets of missionaries) were just so stressed out because ANYTHING could happen. 
That night we were doing comp study and the phone started to buzz and we just stared at each other and no one would touch the phone haha but then I pushed it at Sis. Farrally and she answered. She is leaving me. :( 

I explained that story in great detail because that was the most exciting thing of the week.
We are still trying everything we can to find those willing to listen. Negativity towards Mormons is thick in the air around here because of the new changes, but we keep going. We pray for the spirit to guide us in those conversations because he is the ultimate guide in knowing the truth and receiving peace in such matters. 

On Wednesday it 'misted', you know the feeling of when your arm falls asleep or your leg, and then it feels all tingly and staticy? That's exactly what this mist felt like! It was so weird walking in it because it felt like walking through a staticy TV screen haha 

Inline image 2

The Franklins. AWESOME family! Blessed out of my mind to know them! 

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Concord Sunset. Be still my beating heart!! 

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Sister Lewis

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