Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A few things that happened this week that really spiced up this mission life: 
I accidentally flooded our kitchen...
We had a lesson with our investigator Katherine that knocked my socks off. 
We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial!! 
We crashed a wedding... (we had no say in the matter, a member was driving us home from the JSM and stopped there. haha) (It was dangerous because my inner party animal almost broke loose, but I contained myself and sang hymns) 

This week was insane. Insanely awesome, insanely difficult, insanely spiritual, etc... 
We had an awesome trainers meeting with all of the new missionaries and their trainers, President and Sister Stoker were there, they are the greatest humans ever, I love them!! Sister Stoker is so fantastic, she is what you would envision a queen to look like and act like. President Stoker is so awesome!! He is so close to the spirit. I learned a lot at that meeting! 
We had a lesson with our investigator Katherine on Wednesday. She is really trying to progress but with her background as a Jehovah's Witness (very tough crowd) it is really hard to explain to her everything we believe in. She is super ok with not going to heaven. I can't even imagine that, but she says that it doesn't sound appealing to her. What?! The Wednesday lesson went really well because we were able to have a member present and the spirit was completely with everyone. It was a really powerful lesson. I know that it went the way God wanted it to go because no one can remember what they said. The spirit is KEY in every lesson. 
Can I just say, Satan is the PITS. 
She called us the next day and said she prayed and felt angry and pressured. But she also told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true and would be baptized if she knew the church was true. But because she is Jehovah's Witness she can't come to church.
My comp said this is one of the hardest investigators she has ever had. Awesome haha. 

The Joseph Smith Memorial was AMAZING!!!! The feeling there is the same feeling you get going at the Temple. I love it and I want to go back!! (already have plans to go back on Oct. 2 with a less active. SO EXCITED) 

Fun Fact: a roundabout is called a rotary here. and if you call it a roundabout you are of the devil. (pretty much)

We have a lot of really awesome potential investigators that we are going to be meeting with, I am really excited about that!

Saturday was chuck full of excitement: Hit my ONE MONTH mark! Went to the Joseph Smith Memorial! Finished the Book of Mormon!! 


Love you all!!!! 

Sister Lewis

Joseph Smith Memorial at his birthplace. (Sorry can't get it to rotate!)

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