Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This week was one for the books!! 
I learned SO MUCH. 
We got to give a church tour to our investigator Katherine! It was so awesome, she is the sweetest!!! We are also working with a less active, she really wants to go to the temple which is super awesome because temples are SUPER AWESOME!! 
Tracting our guts out as usual. :) 
Fun Fact of this week: no one uses their front doors! They put plants and pots in front of them, its the weirdest thing because you have to like go to their side doors or in their garages haha soooo weird. 
I don't have much time this week, but I wanted to share something I learned. 
In Matthew 6:33 it says: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God". I was thinking about this, and about our day and age. We often have our 'priorities' like family first! but how often do we check our social media instead of checking on kids? I know I was guilty of that before I left. Or how about when we say that our religion comes first, but we don't share our beliefs when given the opportunity? We need to "Seek ye ALWAYS the kingdom of God" because 'always' is a never ending word. It's consistent. It's forever. It's right now! Continue in your faith and seek ALWAYS to follow Gods plan. 
I love this Gospel so much. 

Have an amazing week everyone!! 

Sister Lewis
September 7, 2015
pic 1: SHOUT OUT to my dearest cousin/sister in the work, I love you Emma!!! KILL THAT CANCER. 
Pic 2: This frog is about the only living thing that is willing to hear the message of the restoration haha
pic 3: The sky here has stolen my heart!!!


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