Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 31, 2015

The MTC was totally awesome, but man, the mission field is a whole different world. 
I don't even know where to begin!! New England is AMAZING!!! As we were flying in, me and the missionary next to me were glued to the window. SO MANY TREES!! It is so green. I didn’t even know there were this many versions of one color!! 
In case you were all wondering, New England is actually a different country. Scratch that, it is its own world. Everyone here asks me what is different about it, but it would take eternity to answer that question, so I just say the only thing that is the same is that there are humans here. Everything else is totally completely different! I have started a list of fun facts about this place because it is so interesting. There are too many to put in one email, so I will do one fact for each week. I am pretty sure I will never run out. 
Fact #1: EVERYTHING SPARKLES. This was the first thing I noticed, because everything, literally everything is made out of granite, sidewalks, roads, curbs, houses, walkways, benches, mailboxes. And granite sparkles! So the dust here isn't just dust. Its fairy dust!! It’s so awesome when the wind blows. :) haha 
President Stoker and his wife are the coolest. I love them! Pres. Stoker is so close to the spirit, and he is so sweet. 
It poured rain the first day I got here. And the second, like flash floods and 2 feet of water in one hour! It was pretty nuts. The way cool part was I got to wear rain boots on the first day! 

Yes, I have been yelled at.
Yes I have been called a Satan worshipping heathen.
And no I have not entered one single house. 
Something I have learned about this whole process has changed my perspective on everything!! 
D&C 4:4 talks about the field being white, ready to harvest. Our mission president had us memorize all of D&C 4. At first I wondered why? How is it ready to harvest if no one wants to talk to us? 
You can't have a field ready to harvest, if you haven't planted the seeds. We are planting seeds, so eventually one day, the missionaries after us can harvest the Lords field! 
So now every time someone tells us 'I'm set' or yells at us, or even kindly says 'no thanks' I walk away from that house with a smile and say to my comp: "Seeds!!" 

My comp is so cool! Her name is Sister Farrally. She is so sweet, and so devoted to the Lord. I am learning a lot, and she is so kind and willing to help. :) She has been through a lot, I admire her for her courage and strength. 

We have an investigator, her name is Bishu, and she is from Congo! She is so sweet, she speaks like two centimeters of English, but the Spirit speaks volumes. :) And our other investigator Kathrine is stellar, we committed her to read the first two chapters of the BOM and she read SIX!! It was so awesome! We are meeting with an investigator Alex tonight. 

I love this work! 
I love you all, go to church, read your scriptures, and PRAY! 

Sister Lewis

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