Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015

Fact: everyone puts candles in their windows, just like you see in
those classic Christmas movies! It's so precious!

We had to drop Jo and Debbie. :( they weren't keeping our
appointments, and we just could never get in to see them.
The work is still going! We are still working! We have been finding a lot 
of people lately that are interested, so hopefully this week we will be 
having more success and hep others find Christs mercy and love. 

I am super impressed with the church's new Christmas initiative video!! I
love the good vibes and excitement they are putting out there! I want to
challenge everyone to GO CHECK IT OUT!! They have really cool videos
like "imagine a world without a savior" and "what a savior means to
us". They also have a video that is released for every day in December
and they are AWESOME! My favorite so far is the Alex Boye one. His
message about how we need to 'ask what we can GIVE for Christmas,
instead of what we can GET' is so important.

As a missionary I have learned that service does not need to be a big
extravagant expensive thing! The little things that we can do, those
are what make a big difference! If you have the opportunity to do
something, DO IT.

I am so pumped for this Christmas season!
Our mission works with iPads, and lately those little guys have
been absolute GOLD! We have gotten in more houses in the last two
weeks with this new video, than we have before! The message is so
profound to people who have never been exposed to any kind of

Here is my 'over-kill' moment from this last week:
We were out knocking and we were having a lot of success! So I got
really excited, and it was building up with each house we visited. So
we get to this house that is like overly decked out with Christmas
stuff, and I am already super pumped up so this house really got me
excited! We knock on the door, I'm holding my iPad about ready to
explode with happiness, and the guy answered and said 'oh honey, no
thank you I'm all set.' So I, letting my desire to spread Christmas
cheer overcome me said: 'are you sure?? I don't think you are!"
Whoops..... He didn't really appreciate that....
Lesson learned! Never question a New Englander! And stay humble....

"In the work of salvation, there is no room for comparison, criticism, or condemnation. it is not about age, experience, or public acclaim. This sacred work is about developing a broken heart, a contrite spirit, and a willingness to use our divine gifts and unique talents to do the Lords work in his way." - Carol F. Mckonkie

I love you all! 


Sister Lewis

Our Christmas tree is up! and so is our comp unityInline image 1

My friend Sister Mennis! 

Inline image 2

our fantastic investigator Katherine!!! And her dog Phoenix

Inline image 4

Our District on Wednesday 

Inline image 6

Inline image 7

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