Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 21, 2015


We had a wonderful zone conference this week, where we learned so many
awesome and amazing tools to help in our missionary efforts here, in
the blessed land of New England.
Our mission sets a 'vision' for every new year. Our 2015 vision was:
"rescue 1000 in 2015"
Our 2016 vision is: " every member invites an individual of a family
to their home to take the lessons from the missionaries." Or something
like that.
I think that this is by far the best thing that we can do over here
because we need to help the members feel the missionary spirit, and I
believe that it will be the most beneficial way to find people to

We have already started to see the beauty of this vision come to pass!
We have been to a few members homes where they tell us the people they
want us to go and visit, and we invited them to go with us, and now
they are excited to be involved in the missionary work! It's so

Another fantastic thing is that I got to try LOBSTER for the first
time and it is AMAZING!! It's so crazy how lobster is such a delicacy,
and yet it's the messiest and creepiest meal I have ever eaten! Mmmmmm
but soooooo good!!!

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