Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 30, 2015

My friends!!
My family!!
Here are a few of the things I am SO thankful for:

* Donny Osmond
* This opportunity/blessing I have to serve in the BEST MISSION EVER!
* Lime Flamin Hot Cheetos (as previously stated)
* My fantastic family and friends
* The fact that a blessed place like New England exists, and I get to spend 18 months here. I just can't get over it! :)

My ward mission leader says to us almost every time we see him: "New England is where God goes on vacation."

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because:
awesome. :)
We had multiple dinner offers, but only made it to 3 of them. By the third we were thankful we only had 3 because, never in my life have I seen so much food, or eaten that much food! It was fantastic!!

All of our investigators were out of town like the whole week for Thanksgiving, so we were able to spend a lot of time trying to find less actives, and potential investigators.
Something interesting about New England, that I am bound and determined to change any way that I can, is this:
In New England, there are roughly 15,000 members. 10,000 of them are less active, and 5,000 are active.
Our mission has been really focusing on re-activating, as much as we are baptizing. We need a 'firm foundation' so that that when we do bring new sheepies to the fold, they will be welcomed in a big giant ward hug. (figuratively of course)
I have developed a new testimony for this part of missionary work. It never dawned on me until I got out here that this is just important as anything else!

Exchanges with my STL (Sister Training Leader) Sis. Davis this week. I absolutely adore her! Such a hard worker and great example. :)
We have been so blessed to be in this area, because we are so close to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial. They had this amazing live Nativity and lighting ceremony on Friday and Saturday evening. We got to go Saturday night with a less active we are working with, Sis. B. She is so sweet, and has a strong desire to go to the Temple.
We saw President and Sis. Stoker at the JSBM, its always a pleasure to see them!

Well kids, I hope you have a hip hoppin, rock and rollin, totally awesome week!
Love you all!

Sister Lewis



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