Sunday, March 20, 2016

February 22, 2016

I feel like its been probably 16 years since I have sent a general email, sorry!
But the best thing ever happened this week... WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!! Hallelujah! And it didn't even snow on us! whatta miracle.
It was so wonderful, and so needed.
We had a lot of really cool lessons with our really cool investigators!
So many awesome things happen out here, but then I get here to email all of you and then all of a sudden nothing has happened and I have no memory. Sorry about that...

Church yesterday was pretty awesome, we had 4 investigators there! Bruce, Alice, Molly and their brother James. They all really enjoyed it. I don't blame them, attending Gods true church can be pretty life changing. :)

Molly is 9 years old, and is the brightest most inquisitive person I know. She is so sweet and FULL of faith. She is so close to the spirit and know her relationship with her Heavenly Father.
The elders and us in this ward were asked to help in primary, by doing skits for the kids on examples of families from the scriptures. I was Lehi, and then I was a bush in the Garden of Eden, and then I was an elephant/one of Noah's sons. :) The children really enjoyed it haha. Molly was totally into it and answered questions and had a great time! Alice and James also really liked it!
Did I already tell you they are getting baptized?? They are such special beings! We love the a whole lot. :)

I want to share with thoughts on an awesome scripture that I love, in Ether 12:4.
I love that it says if we believe in God, we will hope for a good world. Because God is good! The way to make the world good, starts with us. It starts with our actions and our faith. When we are steadfast in Christ and anchored to Him, we are better able to help those around us.
God is good and He love you. Remember that our ultimate goal is to live with Him and our families forever. Do everything you can to get there!
I love you all, and I am so thankful for you. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me remember what I am truly going for.

Have an awesome week!!

Sister Lewis

Ps. No pictures, having technical difficulties

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