Sunday, March 20, 2016

February 29th, 2016

Fun fact: the spice tolerance of food is so minimal here. Sometimes
salt and pepper is pushing it. So it's like, if rated on a scale of
1-10, a 10 for a New Englander would be a 2 for a westerner. Are you
catching what I am throwing down? I love it, I think it's so much fun
Speaking of, a member this last week made us tacos and gave us a 'hot'
sauce, but it didn't even phase me, so then they pulled out this
little bottle called 'Daves insanity' hot sauce, and so I ate it too.
My face got all swollen and red but of coarse I had to be tough so I
ate 2 tacos with it on it and on the outside I was smiling and
laughing but inside it felt like I had bit down on a death sandwich
lit on fire.
This week was good! Bruce is progressing SO MUCH! He had a rough week
last week, but we have had a lot of really spiritual lessons. He has
had a lot of spiritual experiences and life changing moments with the
Something awesome about Bruce is that he LOVES to feed people. So
every lessons e have with him there is always a meal or really awesome
snacks haha. He also likes to give us crates and boxes of food. It's
so nice!!
There was a baptism yesterday for a little girl yesterday, so we asked
if he wanted to stay, and he got so excited! When we went to the font,
we got him in the front so he could see, and everyone in the ward was
helping him see, and his face just lit up as he watched her get
baptized. It was so spiritual and amazing. He just looked around with
awe on his face. He said "I feel like I just watched the gates of
heaven open." He kept talking about how he feels like he is now a part
of a family (which he never really had growing up).
I am so grateful that he had that experience!
I know that our Heavenly Father knows us, and he knows what kind of
spiritual experiences we need to grow our testimonies and pierce our
hearts. Bruce is so ready for this, he is so great!!

I want to share with you all a quote that I found about the Temple:
"Every foundation stone that is laid for a temple, and every temple
completed according to the order the Lord has revealed for his holy
Priesthood, lessens the power of Satan on the earth, and increases the
power of God and Godliness, moves the heavens in mighty power in our
behalf, invokes and calls down upon us the blessings of the eternal
Gods, and those who reside in their presence."
(In 'The Logan Temple,' Millennial Star)

I love you all!!


Sister Lewis

Temple! ❤️

 The ocean!!

Our investigator Brother Bruce! 

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