Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 14th, 2016

Fact: the weather is a hot topic here. It's not a conversation that
you talk about when there is nothing else to talk about, it is first
priority. You know a New Englander likes you when they are willing to
talk about the weather with you. That's how we have learned to get
people to talk to us! For example: 'Hello sir! Wow, can you believe
how warm it is? It's been so beautiful these last few days! You know
what else is beautiful? Gods love for you. Have you ever heard of the
Book of Mormon?'

Or something like that...

So this week.
How do I put this in a relatable sense...
You know that rare moment when your eating and you bite your lip or
your tongue, and it catches you totally off guard, and it hurts like
nobodies business for a couple of seconds and then you are like sort
of crying but you still eat because you love to eat?
Our week was like that.
Sister Monjar got emergency transfered on Friday :( we knew it was a
possibility, but just like biting a lip, we didn't know it would
actually happen! It was so sad to see her go, but we know she is
needed elsewhere. She was an AMAZING companion!

We got a text early Friday morning from Bruce. He was basically
dropping us. Sister Monjar text back a beautiful testimony. At about
9pm Bruce sent another text dropping us again. At this point it was
just Sister Lewis and I. We had no idea what to do! We knew he was
hurting but we didn't know how we could help him at this point. We
prayed and I felt like we should send a funny text. We did and it
worked! He actually asked us to call him when he had been ignoring our
calls up to this point! We called and it all turned out great! He is
all good now, and ready to refocus.
I realized how well Heavenly Father knows each one of us and our
individual needs. I never would have thought to crack a joke during
something so serious but that is exactly what Bruce needed!

This week was stake conference too, it was so fantastic!!
Something that the spirit continually reconfirmed to me was the
importance of a temple-like home. A refuge from the world. A safe
place where the Spirit dwells. Being out here and experiencing both
sides of the spectrum, I have realized how important it is to have
home where God can speak to us. The family unit we enjoy here on earth
is the same happiness we enjoy in heaven. I am thankful for that.

The new Easter initiative is out! #hallelujah !!
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I love you all! Have a beautiful week!!


Sister Lewis


Sister Monjar

 Beck with a cat on her (I think) 

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