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March 21, 2016

March 21st, 2016

Hiiiiiiiiiiii ❤️
Fact: New England has these epic storms called 'Noreaster' storms,
this is how they work: a storm from the north east developes, swoops
out over the ocean, and then comes back as snow and dumps for ages
until there's like 17 feet of snow, and then it's gone.
That is what we're currently experiencing. Right at this moment.
It's the pits.


This weeks was pretty fun, trio is down to two, so we have been
adjusting to that. It's been going great though!
I get to kill my dear sweet companion Sister Allen next week (not
literally mom, that just means she goes home in mission lingo) so we
have been preparing for that, slowly but surely. She has these
hilarious random freak out where she will like stop dead in her tracks
and say 'oh my gosh!' Or 'nooooo!!!' Haha and do like a small spaz
out. It's so funny, and so REAL!
(P.s. She gave me permission to tell you these things)

We went on exchanges this week with the Sister Training Leaders, it
was so fun! It's so cool to see other missionaries in action.
We tracted into a guy named Walt Lewis, and he is this really cute old
man, and he was so excited to see that me and him had the same last
name, so he brought out like all of his family history stuff and told
us his whole life story, it was so cute! :) we became BFF's. He is
great. #waltlewisforever

Bruce is a boss. He is so cool. He is going through a bit of a rough
patch, it's been a long week for him, but the Spirit is so good about
touching his heart and helping him regain focus and faith.
We had a stellar lesson with him this week. He is working on finding a
new baptism date.
We also did social media splits this week! y'all probably saw me, we
totally went viral. #socialmediasplit look me up.

I have learned so much this week, like:
- how to make a proper pie crust
- how to drive in the snow
- how to peel an orange in one go
- Bruce taught me how to draw a bike
And so much more...
But something that I want to expound on that I had the privilege of
learning this week, is that being imperfect is part of the plan.
The only way the Lord can help us change, or fix us, or mend us, is if
we are at a point where we need to be fixed and changed and mended.
I love this quote:
"Soil is broken to plant wheat.
Wheat is broken to make bread.
Bread is broken to become the emblems of the sacrament.
When one who is repentant partaken of the sacrament with a broken
heart and a contrite spirit, he or she becomes WHOLE."

I am so thankful for the blessing and sacred opportunity that we have
to partake of the sacrament each week. It is so vitally important that
we do so, as often as possible, so that we can find new life thought
Jesus Christ.

Have the best week y'all!

Sister Lewis
(Your favorite missionary)

Foto 1: My district
Foto 2: District selfie
Foto 3: it's so true! He is!
Foto 4: future missionary, already preppin'
Foto 5: my street!!
Foto 6: Noreaster storm = challenge accepted.

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