Sunday, May 29, 2016

April 25th, 2016

Fun fact: there are cross walks EVERYWHERE. About every 200 feet there
is a cross walk. But are the used? No. It's like a video game trying
to dodge everyone.

I wish I could explain it. I wish I could help you all get a taste of
the greatness of missionary work. Hey! Guess what! You can! Just
invite. :)

Anyways, this week was stellar. 😎

We did a lot of street contacting because we are lacking in the area
of investigators. We worked really hard! We had some crazy experiences
too. Here are a few to give you an idea: we had the impression to go
to a near by less actives home. So we went in and she was telling us
that she wants to stop smoking, and there was a pack of cigs on the
table, and we both made eye contact, then both looked at the cigs,
then looked at each other, and she started to shake her head no, as if
she knew what I was thinking, but I said it anyways: 'I know you want
to quite, so I'm going to take these, ok?' And she said: 'yeah I know.
Just do it.' And she looked away as I stuffed them in my bag.

Mission accomplished. (Jk I still have 9 months)

Then, we were out walking the streets, and there was a really nice
car, tinted windows, totally rich, and there was this cute little
doggy poking his head out (perfect conversation starter, PETS!) so I
started petting it, obvi, and then I realized there was a person
inside so I poked my head inside his car and started to tell him about
the gospel and gave him a pass along card and invited him to learn! He
was totally cool, but respectfully declined.


We had zone interviews this week with President Stoker. I can't say it
enough how much I love President and Sister Stoker! Interviews are my
favorite, because the council is personalized and the Spirit is always
so strong. I have a testimony that President Stoker is a man called of
Something interesting that Elder Neilson (president of the missionary
department of the church) taught us when he was here last fall, is
that most often missionaries are called to mission presidents, and
then the mission area. The Spirit has born witness to me that that is
true! It will be hard to say goodbye to President Stoker in July, but
I know that President Blair was also called of God to come to this
mission, and I am so thankful that Heavenly Father knows us
missionaries here and has called someone that will be just right for
all of us.

Another incredible thing, is that we were all called by God to come to
earth right now, at this time, to aid in the coming of Christ. Isn't
that wonderful?! We are blessed to be His hands in the hastening of
the work.
So let's get to work!


Sister Lewis

1: self explanatory
2: water fall ❤️
3: we did service with a group on a trial picking up trash, and the
waterfall was the end result! It was so beautiful! Can't wait for
everything to be green again! 🌿

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