Sunday, May 29, 2016

March 28th, 2016

I am so thankful for my dear sweet companion Sister Allen!! She is
going home this week! She was so much fun!

We had such an awesome week! Sister Allen got really sick for a few
days, but it was perfect because she has A LOT of stuff to pack, so we
packed! But we also got to do a lot of awesome stuff!
I love this area because it is so rich in heritage and history! So we
help a lot of people with their boat loads of family history, It's so
awesome! We did a lot of family history stuff and the Spirit of Elijah
was so profound!!

So transfer calls were Saturday and I am training! Aaahhh!!! I'm
freaking out a lil because this cute little baby missionary is in my
hands and I have to take care of her and make her happy and like, be
really nice to her...
Wowzers. That's freaky.

Haha my companion pointed out that it's like the circle of life, I am
'killing' her, and then a new baby missionary is being born! Yay for
real life application. :)

The women's conference was fantastic!! I am so thankful for the
overall message of service. I loved sister Neil F Marriotts talk. And
my dear friend Nerissa from my last area came to my church to watch it
with us!! It was such a fun surprise!!

Most importantly:
This week was also the last week of our Saviors earthly ministry. I
was asked to give a talk on the resurrection this past Sunday. Here is
a bit of it:
'Jesus Christ lived a perfect life, he performed the perfect
atonement, he made possible a perfect plan of salvation, and he was
resurrected into a perfect body. His scars are a symbol to us all that
he is the Perfect Christ and in him we can have a perfect brightness
of hope. He has literally engraved us upon his hands, and because he
loves us with a perfect love, he has made us a part of him forever.'

I bear testimony of the reality of the Resurrection. I know that Jesus
Christ lives! Hallelujah!

Sister Lewis

I sure love Sister Stoker. 💜  (mission presidents wife) (mom away from mom)

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