Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 2nd, 2016

Maine Missionary moment:
*Given a Refferal*
Normal directions: go down the road, and when you get to the stop sign
turn left and it's the third house on the right.
New England translation: you go about ah (a) fah see's (far see's)
distance, and it's the one with the boat in theyah (their) yahd

Weird things that happened this week:
- almost killed a turkey
- almost killed another turkey
- ate Bison meat
- bore testimony in a different religions church meeting
- tried to defy the law of gravity, and failed. (Totally biffed it,
ate it right in the face)

I think today we will focus on the most exciting bit of news, which was this:
We found a food pantry that needed volunteer service, so obviously we
volunteered! They are non-denominational Christians, and each of them
is sweet as pie. The nicest people ever! So we were just workin away,
having a good time, when Pastor Mark says: 'hey ladies! We really
enjoy your Spirits, and we see you are women of God. Why don't you
come to our church tomorrow and give your testimonies to my
congregation! Please come!'
I was freaking out inside, this is like the third church I have done
this in, but I was super pumped too, because of coarse I want to share
my testimony!
So that night we called our mission leaders and got permission from
them to go do this. So yesterday, we did it! It was super intense and
I was pretty nervous, I'm pretty sure my face got real red real quick,
but it was totally worth it. The Spirit! The Spirit was strong. It was
an amazing experience. And then they fed us a spaghetti dinner after!
Like, what!?!? Who are these saints?? Life long friends, that's who
they are!

This week was less-active focused. Our mission is really concentrating
on getting our less-actives, active, so Bishop gave us a big honkin
list of LA's to go visit and teach, so we have been busy doing that.
It's been great!! We are really excited about some future plans that
we have in the workings with some people.


I was finishing up 2 Nephi the other day, and fell in love with the
last line of that book. It is just perfect for Nephi because it sums
up who is is completely! It says: "for thus hath the Lord commanded
me, and I must obey."
Nephi is such a stalwart guy! He knew, all his life, he said
repeatedly that because God commanded him he will do it. No questions
asked, no doubt. 'I know in whom I have trusted'.
I pray that we all can have the faith of Nephi and go ahead in our
lives with the desire to do Gods will. Faith is the substance of it

Have a Nephi-like week!
Love you all!!

Sistah Lewis

1: found this lake thing, with the surrounding hills covered in
tulips. It was beautiful!
2: the district of class and refinement 😎
3:*missionary taking the picture*: "everyone, be classy out of your minds!"
4,5: lunch with the Weiss's on Thursday!
6: MOLLY!! She taught us about Jesus using an egg. She is already a missionary❤️

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