Sunday, May 29, 2016

April 4th, 2016

Fun fact: in Texas it's like 80 degrees, and in New England it's 26 degrees.
Fun fact: Sister Ritchie (my new comp) is from Texas, and she is very
cold. Very very cold. :)

My new baby green companion is Sister Ritchie!! She is from Denton
Texas, and she has a serious Texas accent, that brings out my Texas
accent, that I don't actually have, it just appeared when she did.
So now I have this awkward New England/Texas/Utah accent, and I
honestly can't even understand myself sometimes...
She is super cool and excited to be a missionary! She is like 10 feet
tall (jk about 6) and and she is double jointed in her elbows.
So there is my comp in a line or two... :)

This week was crazy!!!

It seems like when ever something really awesome happens, like getting
a new baby comp fresh from the MTC, everything else that's suppose to
be awesome, flops. And is no longer awesome. BUT! Part of being
missionaries is we make awesome stuff happen even when it's not
awesome! Therefore we made everything awesome. :) following?

Every single thing that we had going for us this week dropped.
...Welcome to the mission sister Ritchie!!
So we did what we could, made do with what we had, and worked hard!

There was one day though, when we were particularly exhausted, and we
still had about a half an hour left in the day. So we prayed to know
what we could go to use that time most effectively, and instantly the
though came: go see Alice and Molly! So we did! We haven't been able
to see them in a little while because they were super sick and kind of
disappeared. We got there and Molly was home and she she was so
excited to see us! We made a return appointment for Sunday at 2:30.

We were so excited about our appointment, and we planned an awesome
lesson for them durning our planning session Sunday morning. We were
going to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When went to the
appointment and at first it was just Molly, but then Alice appeared
and we hugged it out, and she joined us! We began the lesson, and
Alice says, 'wait! I think my brother would love to join!' So she ran
and grabbed her brother, and we started again.
But the lesson wasn't right.
So we asked a bunch of questions and prayed together, and then we
started talking about the Book of Mormon, and they were wondering what
Nephi's deal was, so we read 1 Nephi 3 with them, and they LOVED it!
They think Nephi is a really cool dude. It was such an awesome lesson!
And it was so cool to see the Spirit work, to change the lesson for
what they needed right then. It was a D&C 11:21 experience because
sister Ritchie and I started the Book of Mormon from the beginning in
our personal studies a couple of days ago, so we were preparing for
this lesson before we even knew it!

Conference was AMAZING.
I hope you all got answers to your prayers, and inspiration to guide
your lives.
I know I did!

A quote I want to share, that wasn't from this conference, but gave me
drive to apply the lessons learned, is from a talk called 'According
to the Desires of Our Hearts'.

'It is up to us. God will facilitate, but He will not force. Righteous
desires need to be relentless, therefore, because, said President
Brigham Young, “the men and women, who desire to obtain seats in the
celestial kingdom, will find that they must battle every day”.
Therefore, true Christian soldiers are more than weekend warriors." -
Elder Neal A Maxwell

Let us go forth boldly in our pursuit of Celestial glory!

Love you all!!!!

Sister Lewis

P.s. y'all will definitely want to watch the video at the bottom. Priceless.

Molly, Alice and James!

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