Monday, May 30, 2016

May 23rd, 2016

fun fact: Chicago means 'smelly onion" in Native American. That's what
a lady told me that works at the food pantry with us. Seems legit, I
believe it.

A lot of cool missionary things happened this week, but I can't
remember any of it because ELDER RASBAND CAME TO MY MISSION AND TO MY
- I shook his hand 4 times
- Got 2 personal pep talks from him
- Heard him speak 3 times
And now my life is changed forever.

So on Saturday we had a mission wide conference, so literally everyone
was there and it was packed! We took a giant picture with Elder
Rasband, I don't have the pic yet but I am sure it will go viral or
something so when you see it I am the one directly behind him to the
left. I could have touched his head. But I didn't. #manners

So then we went inside the church and sat down and he stood on the
stage and invited us all to go up and shake his hand. WOW. Elder Bragg
was also there, he is the newest member of the seventy. It was so
amazing to see them and shake their hands. Elder Rasband is SO NICE!
He is like a gentle giant! And he is hilarious.
We discussed a lot of things, but the things that stood out to me were:
- the elect are here! So many people tell me that this isn't a
baptizing mission. But he testified that the Lord has prepared MANY
souls and they are the elect and we just have to find them. But they
are here! And there are many!
- along with that he said that we need to be sweetly bold, and then
sweetly bolder. When they pull out the awful 'I'm all set' we are
suppose to keep inquiring. Say things like 'well before we go can we
sing you a song?' Or 'well is it alright if I show you a picture of my
family?' He said that we need to be BOLD but in a kind and
non-annoying sort of way.
- he also talked to us about our mission president. President Stoker
goes home in six weeks :,( he talked to us about the bond that we have
with our mission president, that it's sacred and it will last forever.
That really touched my heart because I know it is true.

On Sunday morning we had Stake conference with him! Earlier in the
week we invited one of our investigators, Jason, to come to it. We
talked a lot about prophets and apostles and their role. He said he
wanted to come! So Sunday comes and we show up to the theater (because
our chapel couldn't fit the masses of people) and we put our stuff
down and go outside to wait for Jason. On our way out Elder Rasband
and Elder Bragg were shaking hands, so we hurried and got in line to
shake their hands and we told them we had an investigator coming and
they were excited! So we went out side and waited... And waited... And
Jason didn't show up :(
So we walked back in and Elder Rasband and Elder Bragg were still
there and the people had a dispersed so it was just us and we told
them he didn't come and Elder Rasband said: 'hey it's ok! You did your
best. All you can do is do your best and then put it in the Lords
hands. Remember to go forward with faith and keep a big smile on your
We then went inside and proceeded to freak out because WE JUST GOT A
After stake conference we were heading out and we see Elder Rasband
and we wanted to just say goodbye one more time, so we brought a
members kids with us and sister Dyer said: 'our investigator didn't
show up, but even better, we have some children!' So he shook their
hands and then he came up to us and he grabbed my hand and held it and
said to us: 'are you being sweetly bold? Well, be sweetly bolder! Have
faith, and remember to keep smiling!'
PEP TALK ROUND 2!! Also, I just about died because he just held my
hand for so long and I was just so happy!

So my thought for this week:
Do your best and then put it in the Lords hands.
Be sweetly bold! And then be sweetly bolder
Keep the faith

I love you all!
Wowzers, sorry about these long emails. Ten points to you if you made
it to the end without skipping to the pictures. ;)

Sister Lewis

1: my sweet sister companion
2: our neighbor was drunk and bought us a pizza 9:30pm while we were
on exchange because she wanted us to have a 'fun sleep over'. It was
3: hibachi grill with the Weiss's!
6: there is an actual real life Hogwarts in Concord. It's a boarding
school and they literally get sorted into houses and compete for a
house cup. I aspire to work there.
7: video of how we have a rockin Friday night

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